Atelier Horizon is a Brussels-based design studio focusing on the field of work between landscape and urbanism. The atelier was founded in 2019 by Annelies De Nijs and Namgyel Hubert.

An atelier as a work tool

Atelier Horizon is a work tool that allows for collaborations between persons of diverse personalities and skillset sharing a common horizon: urban and landscape projects. The atelier’s work is articulated between different scales and themes, moving from large-scale territorial studies to the execution of public space. As in a laboratory, the atelier is constantly looking for new ways to practice urbanism in order to be responsive towards the evolution of our territories and societies.

Urbanism based on geography

Atelier Horizon bases its work on a sensitive and geographical reading of the territory with the goal of reconnecting our ways of living and inhabiting back to the logic of the natural landscape. This almost eco-systemic reading becomes a guiding principle around which our projects are constructed. Other urban disciplines and project partners are integrated early-on into the process in order to formulate a coherent, sustainable and inclusive vision.

Public space as a common

Atelier Horizon works with public space as a tool for urbanity. Within the context of our continuously densifying cities, sharing space becomes an essential ingredient for the habitability of the larger territory. Atelier Horizon sets out to make public space an element that reinforces society and our collective interests. In this sense our work always links an immaterial, social dimension to the spatial design of the urban project.

Space-time landscapes

Atelier Horizon interprets the temporal aspect of space as an essential ingredient of urban landscape projects. Because of the long durations of urban development, we aim to ensure that a project can be activated from the very first conceptual phases by grounding them in theoretical reflection. Through a dialogue with inhabitants and stakeholders of a territory we allow the project to take shape as a collective vision before becoming an implementable, spatial project. Through the lens of landscape, Atelier Horizon approaches the seasonality of the public space to make possible synchronization of the rhythms of nature with those of urban life.